2nd WFAP Graduate Conference

“How Am I Supposed To Know?”
Sources of Knowledge.

Dates: May 2-4, 2013
Topic: Knowledge

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Jennifer Nagel (Toronto)
Richard Foley (New York)

Contemporary debates on knowledge tend to revolve around the acquisition of knowledge, the conference will therefore focus on the sources of knowledge. Possible candidates for such sources of knowledge seem to be perception, memory, logical reasoning, testimony, or intuitions. But there is no agreement on which of these are sources of knowledge in their own right, and which can be reduced to others; in which epistemological processes they are involved; or what sort of justification they each require or yield.

The second Graduate Conference of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy, a student society for philosophical research in the analytic tradition at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna, will be held from 2 – 4 May 2013 on the topic of knowledge.

This event is kindly supported by the research unit “Analytische Philosophie der Sprache, Symbole und Medien” at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna.