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In our weekly colloquium we discuss papers relating to our yearly topic, listen to interesting talks, and give feedback to presentations about whatever our members are working on. The information and reading about each week’s meeting will be sent out a few days prior via our Mailing List.

Open Sessions

Every third session we will try to have an open session in which we take a break from our conference topic. Every member can propose something we could do, like: read a paper they need for a seminar, present something they are working on to get feedback, or anything else related to analytic philosophy.  And don’t feel like you have to fill an entire session – just tell us how much time you need and we will make plans for the remaining time.
If you have a suggestion for an open session, write to martin.niederl(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

What can you expect?

A usual session would look like this: we all read the material for the session beforehand and discuss any and every question and comment that comes up! The questions/comments can range from understanding (What was the main argument of the paper? I didn’t understand section X, can someone please explain what the author tried to do there?) to critique (I don’t think the argument works because […], what do you think?) and much more.
The main goal of our colloquium is to provide a room for discussion about analytic philosophy and further our understanding about the papers and topics. This means that everyone, regardless of which semester they are in, can parttake!
Even if you can’t think of any questions or didn’t have the time to read the material, you can still come and listen. We want to make the Forum as accessible to everyone as we can.
Lastly, you can expect to meet many interesting people and potential friends! When the circumstances allow it, we often go for drinks after a session and just have fun.

Winter/Summer Term 2023/24

Fridays, 18:30-20:00, HS 3B (NIG) in person (and online via Zoom for those who can’t join in person) — for the link subscribe to our Mailing List or write to martin.niederl(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Friday, 20.07.24
Friday, 20.07.24
Friday, 12.07.24
Friday, 05.07.24
Friday, 28.06.24
Friday, 21.06.24
Friday, 14.06.24
Friday, 07.06.24
Friday, 31.05.24
Friday, 24.05.24
Friday, 17.05.24
Friday, 10.05.24
Friday, 03.05.24
Friday, 26.04.24
Friday, 19.04.24
#13 Ofra Magidor: “Category Mistakes and Figurative Language”
Friday, 12.04.24
#12 Lorraine Juliano Keller: “Saying nothing and thinking nothing”
Friday, 05.04.24 Easter Break

Friday, 29.03.24 Easter Break
Friday, 22.03.24
#11 Herman Cappelen: “Nonsense and Illusions of Thought”
Friday, 15.03.24
TALK by George Stiny (MIT): “Shapes of Imagination: Creativity and the Mathematics of Design”
Friday, 08.03.24
#10 Clare Mac Cumhaill: “Nonsense and Visual Evanescence”
Friday, 01.03.24
#9 Manish Oza: “Nonsense: A User’s Guide”
Friday, 23.02.24
Internal Workshop
Friday, 16.02.24 Semester Break
Friday, 09.02.24 Semester Break
Friday, 02.02.24 Semester Break
Friday, 26.01.24
TALK by Hanoch Ben-Yami (CEU): “The Nonsensical Nonsense Talk”
Friday, 19.01.24
#8 Peter Hacker & Maxwell Bennett: “Reply to critics”
Friday, 12.01.24
#7 Daniel Dennett: “Reply to Hacker and Bennett”
Friday, 05.01.24 Winter Break

Friday, 29.12.23 Winter Break
Friday, 22.12.23 Winter Break
Friday, 15.12.23
Open Session
Friday, 08.12.23 Holiday
Friday, 01.12.23
 #6 Peter Hacker & Maxwell Bennett: “Introduction + Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience”
Friday, 24.11.23
#5 Krystian Bogucki: “A Dence of the Austere View of Nonsense”
Friday, 17.11.23
#4 Silver Bronzo: “Context, Compositionality, and Nonsense in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
Friday, 10.11.23
Open Session
Friday, 03.11.23
#3 Sofia Miguens: “Could there be a Logical Alien?”
Friday, 27.10.23
#2 James Conant: “Elucidation and Nonsense in Frege and Early Wittgenstein”
Friday, 20.10.23
#1 Cora Diamond: “What Nonsense Might Be”
Friday, 13.10.23 General Assembly: Vote on Topic and New Board
Friday, 06.10.23
Friendly get-together! Come join us for a chat

Winter/Summer Term 2022/23

Fridays, 18:30-20:00, HS 3F (NIG) in person (and online via Zoom for those who can’t join in person) — for the link subscribe to our Mailing List or write to martin.niederl(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Friday, 30.06.23 Open Session: Kristina Bogdan, Lena Golker (DIFFERENT TIME: 16.00 – 17:30)
Friday, 23.06.23
INVITED TALK: Michael Rescorla (UCLA): “Psychological Explanation and Proportionality”
Friday, 16.06.23
#19 Wayne Wu: “Confronting Many-Many Problems”
Friday, 09.06.23
#18 Declan Smithies: “Attention is Rational-Access Consciousness”
Friday, 02.06.23
Open Session: Daria Rubisch, Veronika Lassl
Friday, 26.05.23
#17 Christopher Mole & Aaron Henry: “What is Attention? Adverbialist Theories”
Friday, 19.05.23
#16 Ella Whiteley: “A Woman First and a Philosopher Second: Relative Attentional Surplus on the Wrong Property”
Friday, 12.05.23
#15 Cathy Mason: “The Epistemic Demands of Friendship”
Friday, 05.05.23
#14 Susanna Siegel & Nicholas Silins: “Attention and Perceptual Justification”
Friday, 28.04.23
Conference Session: Voting on submitted abstracts
Friday, 21.04.23
Open Session: Eva Hijlkema
Friday, 14.04.23 Easter Break
Friday, 07.04.23 Easter Break
Friday, 31.03.23
#13 Sebastian Watzl: “What Attention Is: The Priority Structure Account”
Friday, 24.03.23
Workshop on Applications for Master’s Programs in Philosophy
Friday, 17.03.23
#12 Cathy Mason: “Iris Murdoch and the Epistemic Significance of Love”
Friday, 10.03.23
#11 Ella Whiteley: “Harmful Salience Perspectives”
Friday, 03.03.23
#10 Susanna Siegel: “Salience Principles for Democracy”
Friday, 24.02.23 Semester break
Friday, 17.02.23 Semester break

Friday, 10.02.23 Semester break
Friday, 03.02.23 Semester break
Friday, 27.01.23 #9 Miguel Segundo-Ortin & Annemarie Kalis: “Intentions in Ecological Psychology: An Anscombean Approach”
Friday, 20.01.23
#8 Sophie Archer: “Salience and what matters”
Friday, 13.01.23
Open Session: Bailey Fernandez – “Alois Riegl’s ‘Artistic Will’ Reconsidered: An Action-Theoretic Account for the Constitutive Basis of Art Historical Inquiry” and Julia Schäfer – “Hypocritical Group Agency (work-in-progress discussion)”
Friday, 06.01.23 Winter break
Friday, 30.12.22 Winter break
Friday, 23.12.22 Winter break
Friday, 16.12.22
A Graduate Workshop on Action and Agency with Anton Ford
Friday, 09.12.22
#7 Mary Kate McGowan: “On Salience and Sneakiness”
Friday, 02.12.22
#6 Jessie Munton: “Prejudice as the Misattribution of Salience”
Friday, 25.11.22
Open Session: “What’s it like to do a PhD?” with Sonja Riegler and Manu Sharma
Friday, 18.11.22
#5 Wayne Wu: “Attention as Selection for Action”
Friday, 11.11.22
#4 Sophie Grace Chappell: “Salience, choice, and vulnerability”
Friday, 04.11.22
#3 Denis Buehler: “Flexible occurrent control”
Friday, 28.10.22
#2 Madeleine Random, Sina Fazelpur, Christopher Mole: “Attention in the predictive mind”
Friday, 21.10.22
#1 Sebastian Watzl: “The Nature of Attention”
Friday, 14.10.22
General Assembly — Vote for Forum board and this year’s topic
Friday, 07.10.22
Friendly get-together — everyone, newcomers included, is welcome!

Summer Term 2022

Fridays, 18:30-20:00, HS 3F (NIG) in person (and online via Zoom for those who can’t join in person) — for the link subscribe to our Mailing List or write to marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Friday, 23.06.22 #24 Emanuela Ceva & Lubomira Radoilska: “Responsibility for Reason-Giving: The Case of Individual Tainted Reasoning in Systemic Corruption”
Friday, 16.06.22
#23 Open Session [Student Talk] Gabriel Levc: “How liberally should activist movements use their terms?”
Friday, 10.06.22
#22 [Talk] Veli Mitova:  “White ignorance undermines internalism about epistemic blame
Friday, 03.06.22
 #21 Peter F. Strawson: “Freedom and Resentment”
Friday, 27.05.22 No Forum session
Friday, 20.05.22
#20 Gunnar Björnsson: “Blame, deserved guilt, and harms to standing”
Friday, 13.05.22
#19 Philip Robichaud & Jan Willem Wieland: “A Puzzle Concerning Blame Transfer”
Friday, 06.05.22 #18 Abstracts Review for our conference
Friday, 29.04.22
#17 Lubomira Radoilska: “Circumstance, Answerability, and Luck”
Friday, 22.04.22 Internal Workshop
Friday, 15.04.22 Easter break
Friday, 08.04.22 #16 [Talk+Reading] Paulina Sliwa: “Excuse Without Exculpation”
Friday, 01.04.22
#15 Elinor Mason & Alan T. Wilson: “Vice, Blameworthiness, and Cultural Ignorance”
Friday, 25.03.22
#14 Jan Willem Wieland: “Willful Ignorance”
Friday, 18.03.22
#13 Kevin Lynch: “Willful Ignorance and Self-deception” 
Friday, 09.03.22
Casual get-together for the semester start 🙂

Winter Term 2021

Fridays, 18:30-20:00, HS 3D (NIG) in person and online via Zoom — for the link subscribe to our Mailing List or write to marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Friday, 28.01.22 #12 [Talk] Santiago Amaya: On Negligence – Its Moral Significance
Friday, 21.01.22
#11 Gunnar Björnsson: “Explaining away the Epistemic Scepticism about Culpability”
Friday, 14.01.22
#10 Tracy Isaacs: “Cultural Context and Moral Responsibility”
Friday, 07.01.22 Winter break
Friday, 31.12.21 Winter break

Friday, 24.12.21 Winter break
Friday, 17.12.21
#9 Miranda Fricker: “Fault and No-Fault Responsibility for Implicit Prejudice”
Friday, 10.12.21
#8 Matthew Talbert: “Moral Competence, Moral Blame, and Protest”
Friday, 03.12.21
#7 Open Session [Student Talks] Ria Edlinger: “Draft of Moral Ties between the Individual and the Political Community in Virtue and Existential Ethics – A Response to the Voter’s Paradox” and Sebastian Kraus: “Who am I talking to, when talking to myself?”
Friday, 26.11.21
#6 Carolina Sartorio: “Ignorance, Alternative Possibilities, and the Epistemic Conditions for Responsibility”
Friday, 19.11.21
#5 Nicole Vincent: “A Structured Taxonomy of Responsibility Concepts”
Friday, 12.11.21
#4 Open Session [Student Talks] Martin Niederl: “Practical Animal Reasoning” and Gabriel Levc: “Arriving at a Politically Useful Definition of Plausible Deniablity”
Friday, 05.11.21
#3 Elizabeth Harman: “Does Moral Ignorance Exculpate?” 
Friday, 29.10.21
#2 Michael J. Zimmerman: “Moral Responsibility and Ignorance” (Zoom-only session!)
Friday, 22.10.21
#1 Carl Ginet: “The Epistemic Requirements for Moral Responsibility”
Friday, 15.10.21
General Assembly – Vote for topic and Forum board (Topic suggestions can be found >>>here<<<)
Friday, 08.10.21 Deadline for topic suggestions for the year

Summer Term 2021

Fridays, 18:30-20:00, online via Zoom again until further notice — for the link subscribe to our Mailing List or write to marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

July 5-7, 2021 Just Saying? 10th WFAP Graduate Conference on the Social and Political Implications of Language

Friday, 25.06.21 #29 Open Session: Get feedback on your ideas for your (pro-)seminar papers/BA theses/etc.!
Friday, 18.06.21
 #28 Stefano Predelli: “Taboo: The Case of Slurs”
Friday, 11.06.21
#27 Luvell Anderson: “Hermeneutical Impasses”
Friday, 04.06.21
#26 Quill Kukla: “Performative Force, Convention, and Discursive Injustice”
Friday, 28.05.21
#25 Open Session [Read] David and Stephanie Lewis: “Holes”
Friday, 21.05.21
#24 Alex Davies: “How to Silence Content with Porn, Context and Loaded Questions”
Friday, 14.05.21
 #23 Jennifer Saul: “What is happening to Our Norms Against Racist Speech?”
Friday, 07.05.21
 #22 Open Session [Talk] Indrek Reiland: “Use-Conditional Semantics”
Friday, 30.04.21
#21 Abstract Evaluation – deciding on presenters for our conference
Friday, 23.04.21
 #20 Alex Davies: “Identity display: another motive for metalinguistic disagreement”
Friday, 16.04.21
 #19 Open Session: [Talk] Amalia Haro Marchal: “The speech act of naming in fictional discourse”
(Easter break)
Friday, 26.03.21 
#18 Rae Langton: “Speech Acts and Unspeakable Acts” (starting on p.314 “II. Pornography Silences” to the end)
Friday, 19.03.21
#17 Rae Langton: “Speech Acts and Unspeakable Acts” (pp.293-314, until “II. Pornography Silences”)
Friday, 12.03.21
 #16 Open Session: [Talk] Dirk Kindermann: “Against ‘Hate Speech'”
Friday, 05.03.21
#15 Luvell Anderson and Ernie Lepore: “Slurring Words”

Winter Term 2020

Fridays, 18:30-20:00, online via Zoom again until further notice — for the link subscribe to our Mailing List or write to marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">marlene.valek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

(Semester break)
Friday, 29.01.21 
#14 Luvell Anderson: “Racist Humor”
Friday, 22.01.21 
#13 Teresa Marques: “Beasts in Human Form: How Dangerous Speech Harms”
Friday, 15.01.21
#12 Open Session: Writing Workshop! (No registration needed)

In this mini-workshop, Gareth Pearce, a doctoral researcher and member of the Forum, will present his approach and tips for writing papers in philosophy. Everyone will then have the chance to share and discuss their approach and secrets. Since the end of the semester and with it the deadlines for seminar papers are approaching, don’t miss this chance to improve your writing skills! (Long Recording: here)

Friday, 08.01.21 #11 Christopher Hom: “Pejoratives”
(Holiday break)
Friday, 18.12.20 #10 Sally Haslanger: “Ideology, Generics, and Common Ground”
Friday, 11.12.20
#9 Open Session: [Student Talks] Eva Rosina: “Two modal bases for modal good” and Gabriel Levc: „A Gricean Approach towards Implicitly Discriminatory Compliments“ 
Friday, 04.12.20
#8 Arif Ahmed: Chapter 2 (pp. 30-49) of “Saul Kripke”
Friday, 27.11.20
#7 Arif Ahmed: Chapter 2 (up to 2.3, pp. 5-29) of “Saul Kripke”
Friday, 20.11.20
#6 Open Session: [Student Talks] Martin Niederl: “On the Importance of Concept Possession Conditions” and Michael Eigner: “Institutional morality, collective obligations and the responsibility to protect. Why WE fail as a moral agent”
Friday, 13.11.20
#5 Adèle Mercier: “A Perverse Case of the Contingent A Priori: On the Logic of Emasculating Language”
Friday, 06.11.20
#4 Michael Baur: “What Is Distinctive about Terrorism, and What Are the Philosophical Implications?”
Friday, 30.10.20 #3 Open Session: [Talk] Delia Belleri: “Conceptual Engineering and the Problem of Subject Change”
Friday, 23.10.20 #2 Sally Haslanger: “Gender and race: (What) are they? (What) do we want them to be?”
Friday, 16.10.20 #1 Miranda Fricker: “Epistemic Equality” (Video: )
Friday, 09.10.20 General Assembly

Past Terms:

Summer Term 2020

Fridays, 18:30-20:00

Winter Term 2019

Fridays, 2h, 18:30

Monday, 24.02.20 Internal Workshop

Friday, 31.01.20
Friday, 24.01.20

Friday, 17.01.20 Simon Blackburn: Modals and Morals
Friday, 10.01.20
Cameron: The Grounds of Necessity
20.12.19 – 03.01.20 Christmas holidays 
Friday, 13.12.19 Williamson #2
Friday, 06.12.19 Attendance at Logik Café: “Modal Homotopy Type
Theory: a Gentle Introduction” by David Corfield
Friday, 29.11.19 Rami Koskinen on “Multiple Realizability and Biological Modality” and Sophie Veigl on “An Empirical Challenge for Scientific Pluralism – Alternatives or Integration?”
Friday, 22.11.19
 Williamson #1: Knowledge of Metaphysical Modality
Friday, 15.11.19 Yablo: Is Conceivability a Guide to Possibility?
Friday, 08.11.19 Van Inwagen: Modal Epistemology
Friday, 01.11.19 All Saint’s Day
Friday, 25.10.19 Melia: Quinian Scepticism
Friday, 18.10.19 Lewis: Counterfactual Dependence and Time’s Arrow
Friday, 11.10.19
 First General Assembly and choice of this years topic

Summer Term 2019

Fridays, 2h, 18:30

August 2, 2019 What is philosophy about? Workshop about philosophical Methodology with Stephen Yablo (MIT)

June 24-26, 2019 Logic Rulez!? 8th WFAP Graduate Conference on the Normativity of Logic

Friday, 21.06.19
Lewis Carroll: What the Tortoise Said to Archilles and Final Preparation for Conference “Logic Rulez?!”
Friday, 14.06.19 Cohnitz & Estrada-González: Logic, Reasoning and Rationality and Field #2
Friday, 07.06.19
Priest: Revising Logic
Friday, 31.05.19 Kolodny #2 and Russell #2
Friday, 24.05.19 Hattiangadi: Logical Disagreement
Friday, 17.05.19 Fine: A Theory of Truthmaker Content I — Conjunction, Disjunction, Negation; A Theory of Truthmaker Content II — Subject-matter, Common Content, Remainder, Ground;  Truthmaker Semantics
Friday, 03.05.19 Yablo: Aboutness, Chapter 4
19.04.19 – 26.04.19 Easter Break 
Friday, 12.04.19
Yablo: Aboutness, Chapters 2 and 3
Friday, 05.04.19 Abstracts Review for Conference “Logic Rulez?!”
Friday, 29.03.19 Yablo: Aboutness, Introduction and Chapter 1
Friday, 22.03.19 Barbara Haas on “Pronoun Indexicals in Mixed Quotation: Evidence for a Kaplanian Monster Operator?” and Lewis #2
Friday, 15.03.19 Lewis #1: Statements Partly About Observation
Friday, 08.03.19 Putnam #2 and Goodman: About
Friday, 01.03.19 Putnam #1: Formalization of the Concept About and Ryle: About

Winter Term 2018

Fridays, 2i, 16:45

Friday, 22.02.19 Milne: What is the Normative Role of Logic?
Friday, 15.02.19 Field #1: What is the Normative Role of Logic? and Harman: Field on the Normative Role of Logics
Friday, 08.02.19
Harman: Logic and Reasoning
Friday, 01.02.19 Max Kölbel on “Concepts and Conceptual Analysis”
Friday, 25.01.19 MacFarlane: Is Logic a Normative Discipline?
Friday, 18.01.19 Mezzadri: Frege on the Normativity and Constitutivity of Logic for Thought I & II
Friday, 11.01.19
Florian Steinberger: Frege and Carnap on the Normativity of Logic
21.12.18 – 04.01.19 Christmas holidays 
Friday, 14.12.18 
Keefe 2013: What logical pluralism cannot be
Friday, 07.12.18 Beall & Restall 2000: Logical Pluralism
Friday, 30.11.18 Russell 2017: Logic isn’t Normative
Friday, 23.11.18 Dutilh Novaes 2015: A Dialogical, Multi-Agent Account of the Normativity of Logic
Friday, 16.11.18 Kolodny 2007: How Does Coherence Matter?
Friday, 09.11.18 Steinberger: The Normative Status of Logic (SEP)
Friday, 02.11.18 All Souls’ Day
Friday, 26.10.18 Austrian National Holiday
Friday, 19.10.18 General Assembly
Friday, 12.10.18 General Assembly

Summer Term 2018

Friday, 29.06.18 Guest Talk by Laurenz Hudetz (LSE/Salzburg) on Reduction and Equivalence of Scientific Theories; General Assembly
Friday, 22.06.18
 Guest Talk by Andrea Onofri (Graz) on Communication and Similarity
Friday, 15.06.18
 Chalmers #5
Friday, 01.06.18 Rationality and Democracy #8
Friday, 25.05.18
Rationality and Democracy #7
Friday, 18.05.18 Chalmers #4
Friday, 11.05.18 Rationality and Democracy #6
Friday, 04.05.18
 Chalmers #3
Friday, 27.04.18
 Chalmers #2
Friday, 20.04.18 Chalmers #1
Friday, 13.04.18 Rationality and Democracy #5
Friday, 23.03.18 Abstracts Review for Conference “Rationality & Democracy”
Friday, 16.03.18 Rationality and Democracy #4
Friday, 09.03.18 
Eva Bobst on Robert Audi
Wednesday, 07.03.18
 Guest Talk by Zynep Soysal (Harvard) on “Relative Analyticity”, Comments by Juliet Floyd (Boston)
Friday, 02.03.18
 Eva Bobst on Robert Audi

Winter Term 2017

Friday, 02.02.18 The Analytic-Synthetic Distinction
Friday, 26.01.18
 Guest Talk by Dan Zeman (Vienna) on Semantics of Gender terms
Friday, 19.01.18 
Rationality and Democracy #3
Friday, 12.01.18 
Rationality and Democracy #2
Friday, 05.01.18 Victoria Lavorerio on “Should we trust the (alt) news?” 
Friday, 14.12.17
 Attendance of Conference: “Deflationism in Metaphysics”
Friday, 01.12.17 Sophia Arbeiter on “Ontology as Metalinguistic Negotiation”
Friday, 22.11.17 Guest Talk: Àkos Gyarmathy (Budapest) on “Fallibilism and Conciliationism: A Bayesian Solution for the Paradoxes of Higher-Order Peer Disagreement”
Friday, 17.11.17
Rationality and Democracy #1
Friday, 10.11.17 General Assembly II
Friday, 03.11.17 General Assembly
Friday, 27.10.17
Paul Tucek & Christoph Lernpaß on Knowledge Norms in Practical Rationality
Friday, 20.10.17
Dejan Makovec on “Discerning Integration. Populations and the Philosophy of Race”
Friday, 13.10.17 Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum on “Aboutness in Logic and Language”
Friday, 06.10.17 Papers for Workshop II
Friday, 29.09.17 Papers for Workshop I

Summer Term 2017

Fridays 17:15–18:45 at room 3E NIG.

Winter Term 2016

Fridays 17:15–18:45 at room 3E NIG.

Summer Term 2016

Fridays 17:15-18:45 at room 3E NIG.

Wintersemester 2015/16

Freitag, 13.11.15, 17:15-18:45 Metaphysics (Michael J. Loux): Ch. 6–Causation (Paul) and Ch. 7–The nature of time (Dejan)
Freitag, 06.11.15, 17:15-18:45 Metaphysics (Michael J. Loux): Ch. 5–The necessary and the possible (Philipp)
Freitag, 30.10.15, 17:15-18:45 Metaphysics (Michael J. Loux): Ch. 3–Concrete particulars (Naomi) and Ch.4–Propositions and their neighbours (Tom)
Freitag, 23.10.15, 17:15-18:45 Metaphysics (Michael J. Loux): Ch. 1–The problem of universals 1 (Michael) and Ch. 2–The problem of universals 2 (Karo)
Freitag, 16.10.15, 17:15-18:45 SEP-New Metaphysics
Freitag, 09.10.15, 17:15-18:45 Generalversammlung

Sommersemester 2014/15

Freitag, 26.06.15, 17:15-18:45 Sebastian Kletzl, Christoph Lernpaß & Paul Tucek
Freitag, 19.06.15, 17:15-18:45 Katharina Bernhard
Freitag, 12.06.15, 17:15-18:45 Dejan Makovec
Freitag, 05.06.15, 17:15-18:45 tba

—(4th WFAP Graduate Conference: May 28-30)—

Freitag, 22.05.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 4.2 MAXENT vs. Conditionalization
Freitag, 15.05.15, 17:00-20:30 Bayesianism 4.0-4.1 (Williamson) Objective Bayesianism – Eine Einführung
Freitag, 08.05.15, 17:15-18:45 Besuch der Konferenz The factive turn in epistemology
Freitag, 24.04.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 3.2 Wie scharf müssen subjective probabilities sein?
Freitag, 17.04.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 3.1 Kinds of Probability
Freitag, 27.03.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesiansim 3.0 (Mahtani) Decision Rules
Freitag, 20.03.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 2.2 Bayesian Foundationalism & Coherentism
Freitag, 13.03.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 2.1 Foundationalism & Coherentism
Freitag, 06.03.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 2.0 (Weisberg) Indifference & Objectivity

Wintersemester 2014/15

Freitag, 30.01.15, 17:15-18:45 Aboutness: “Mathematics is Megethology” (David Lewis) (Leitung: Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum)
Freitag, 23.01.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 1.1 (Justification) Nonpragmatic Justification: The Accuracy Argument (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 16.01.15, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 1.0 (Justification) “Arguments For–Or Against–Probabilism?” (Hájek) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 09.01.15, 17:15-18:45 Vortrag von Lukas Schwengerer
Freitag, 19.12.14 Weihnachtsfeier
Freitag, 12.12.14, 17:15-18:45 Besuch des Vortrags des IVC von Michael Beaney (University of York): “Susan Stebbing and the early reception of logical empiricism in Britain”
Freitag, 05.12.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.7 (Introduction): “Bayesian Epistemology” (Hartmann/Hájek) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 28.11.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.6 (Introduction): “An Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic”, Ch.13-15 (Ian Hacking) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 21.11.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.5 (Introduction): “An Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic”, Ch.7 (Ian Hacking) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 14.11.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.4 (Introduction): “An Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic”, Ch.5-6 (Ian Hacking) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 07.11.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.3 (Introduction): “Bayesian Epistemology” (Hartmann/Sprenger) und “An Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic”, Ch.3-4 (Ian Hacking) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 31.10.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.2 (Introduction): “Bayesian Epistemology” (Hartmann/Sprenger) (Leitung: PJK)
Freitag, 24.10.14, 17:15-18:45 Bayesianism 0.1 (Introduction): “Bayesian Epistemology” (SEP) (Leitung: Patrick J. Klug)
Freitag, 17.10.14, 17:15-18:45 entfällt
Freitag, 10.10.14, 17:15-18:45 Generalversammlung

Sommersemester 2014

Freitag, 27.06.14, 16:45-18:15 Referat und Diskussion: Katharina Bernhard “How can we know?” (Master Thesis)
Freitag, 20.06.14, 16:45-18:15 Planung WS14/15
Freitag, 13.06.14, 16:45-18:15 tba
Freitag, 06.06.14, 16:45-18:15 tba
Freitag, 30.05.14, 17:15-18:45 (!) Casey McCoy (Vienna): “Probability, Theory Interpretation and Conceptual Analysis”
Freitag, 16.05.14, 16:45-18:15 Diskussion: Chandra Sekhar Sripada and Jason Stanley (2012), “Empirical tests of interest-relative invariantism”
Freitag, 09.05.14, 16:45-18:15 Diskussion: Timothy Williamson (2000), “Knowledge and its Limits” (9.1-9.4)
Freitag, 02.05.14, 16:45-18:15 tba
Freitag, 11.04.14, 16:45-18:15 Diskussion: Jessica Brown, “Infallibilism, Evidence and Pragmatics”
Freitag, 04.04.14, 17:15-18:45 (!) Besuch des Vortrags des IVC (Campus, Hof 1, Eingang 1.2.): A Principled Analysis of Consistency of the Principal Principle (Miklos Redei, LSE)
Freitag, 28.03.14, 17:15-18:45 (!) Besuch des Vortrags des IVC (Campus, Hof 1, Eingang 1.2.): The role of hypothetico-deductive reasoning in discovering mechanisms (Erik Weber, Ghent)
Freitag, 21.03.14, 16:45-18:15 Besuch des Vortrags in der Reihe Wittgen=steine: Wittgenstein and Continental Philosophy (Stephen Mulhall, Oxford)
Freitag, 14.03.14, 16:45-18:15 Diskussion: John Bengson, “Experimental Attacks on Intuitions and Answers”, in: Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 86(2).
Freitag, 07.03.14, 16:45-18:15 Besprechung der Abstracts für die 3rd WFAP Graduate Conference: “We need to talk.” – Language and Philosophical Method

Wintersemester 2013/14

Freitag, 31.01.14, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Jason Stanley, “Making it Articulated”, in: Idem, Language in Context. pp. 182–200.
Freitag, 24.01.14, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Katharina Bernhard:Vorstellung der Master Thesis “How Can We Know? The Possibility of Group Knowledge”
Freitag, 17.01.14, 17-19:00 Besuch des Festkoloquiums “richard heinrich zu ehren” (…)
Freitag, 10.01.14, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Roby Carston, “Linguistic Communication and the Semantics/Pragmatics Distinction”.
Freitag, 13.12.13, 17-19:00 —
Freitag, 06.12.13, 17-19:00 Vorbereitung auf Workshop mit Sofia Miguens und Charles Travis: Sofia Miguens, “Could There Be a Logical Alien? The austere reading of Wittgenstein and the nature of logical truths” and Charles Travis, “Where Words Fail”.
Freitag, 29.11.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Jason Stanley, “Making it Articulated”, in: Idem, Language in Context. pp. 182–200.
Freitag, 22.11.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Jason Stanley, “Context and Logical Form”, in: Idem, Language in Context. pp. 30–68.
Freitag, 15.11.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Maximilian Wieländer: Vorstellung der Master Thesis “Mathematics as modifying concepts – Wittgensteins picture of a mathematics without propositions”
Freitag, 08.11.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Jason Stanley, “Context and Logical Form”, in: Idem, Language in Context. pp. 30–68.
Freitag, 01.11.13, 17-19:00 —
Freitag, 25.10.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Dejan Makovec: Jason Stanley, “Context and Logical Form”, in: Idem, Language in Context. pp. 30–68.
Freitag, 18.10.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion des Videos: Timothy Williamson and Paul Horwich about Wittgensteins metaphilosophy (on Youtube)
Freitag, 11.10.13, 17-19:00 —
Freitag, 04.10.13, 17-19:00 Generalversammlung

Sommersemester 2013

Freitag, 28.06.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Peter Singer, Practical Ethics. pp. 1–15.
Freitag, 21.06.13, 17-19:00 Vortrag von Veli Mitova: “The Value of Epistemic Justification”
Freitag, 14.06.13, 17-19:00 —
Freitag, 07.06.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: A.J. Ayer’s Emotivismus: A.J. Ayer, Truth and Logic. pp. 63–77.
Freitag, 31.05.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Annika Kohles: Die Beziehung von (analytischer Ethik) und Literatur. Textausschnitte aus Dostojewskijs “Schuld und Sühne” ( und
Freitag, 24.05.13, 17-19:00 Besuch des Vortrags in der Reihe Wittgen=steine: Is there a willuing subject in the Tractatus? (Michael Potter, Cambridge)
Freitag, 17.05.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Judith Jarvis Thomson, “A Defense of Abortion”
Freitag, 10.05.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Frederik Gierlinger: Cora Diamond, “Anything but Argument?”
Freitag, 26.04.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: Richard Foley, When is true belief knowledge? pp. 36–56, 78–80.
Freitag, 19.04.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: Richard Foley, When is true belief knowledge? pp. 3–31.
Freitag, 12.04.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Dejan Makovec: Jennifer Nagel “Lay Denial of Knowledge for Justified True Beliefs” in Cognition (forthcoming)
Freitag, 22.03.13, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Jennifer Nagel: “Epistemic Intuitions”, in: Philosophy Compas 2/6.
Freitag, 15.03.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: Jennifer Lackey: “Introduction”, in: Idem, Lerning from Words
Freitag, 08.03.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl/Patrick Lang: Gettier Fälle/Reliabilism
Freitag, 01.03.13, 17-19:00 Vollversammlung

Wintersemester 2012/13

Freitag, 25.01.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Martin Strauss: Vorstellung der Masterarbeit.
Freitag, 18.01.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Dejan Makovec: Ernest Sosa – Intuitions: Their Nature and Epistemic Efficacy.
Freitag, 11.01.13, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Patrick Lang: Memory as Epistemic Source
Freitag, 14.12.12, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Kripke und das Regelfolgen (Kapitel 2 aus )
Freitag, 07.12.12, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Baker – Concepts and Conceptions
Freitag, 30.11.12, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Horwich – Wittgensteins Metaphilosophy (Chapter 1)
Freitag, 23.11.12, 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: What is an Epistemic Instrument?
Freitag, 16.11.12, 17-19:00 Vortrag und Diskussion: Martin Strauss, Physikalismus-Reduktionismus-Supervenienz
Freitag, 09.11.12, 17-19:00 Vortrag und Diskussion: Martin Strauss, Kim – The Myth of Non-Reductive Physicalism
Freitag, 19.10.12, 17-19:00 Vortrag und Diskussion: Katharina Sodoma, Davidson – Radical Interpretation
Freitag, 12.10.12, 17-19:00 Vortrag und Diskussion: Lukas Schwengerer, Goff – Does Mary know I experience plus rather than quus?

Sommersemester 2012

Freitag, 22.06.12, 17-19:00 Vortrag: Aidan Lyon: Judgement Swapping Improves Group Performance
Freitag, 15.06.12, 17-19:00 Vortrag: Christopher Gauker: Perception without Propositions
Freitag, 08.06.12, 17-19:00 Diskussion: Paper von Herman Cappelen “Pluralistic Scepticism”
Freitag, 04.05.12; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: Knowledge by Instruments
Freitag, 27.04.12; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Dejan Makovec: Sosa on Intuitions, Teil II.
Freitag, 13.04.12; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Dejan Makovec: Sosa on Intuitions, Teil I.
Freitag, 30.03.12; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: Vorstellung des Dissertationsprojekts

Wintersemester 2011/12

Samstag, 11.02.12; 16-18:00 – Café Schottenstift; Diskussion: Paul Horwich – “A Defence of Minimalism”
Freitag, 27.01.12; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Michael Dummett – “Realism”
Freitag 9.12.11; 16-18:00 Vortrag von Fred Gierlinger über Wittgensteins “Bemerkungen über die Farben”.
Freitag 25.11.11; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Stalnaker: “Assertion revisited” and Chalmers: “Two-Dimensional Semantics”.
Freitag 18.11.11; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Stalnaker: “Assertion”.
Montag 14.11.11; 17-19:00, Dekanatsbesprechungszimmer. Vortrag von Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum über “Aboutness”. (In Kooperation mit dem Logik-Café)
Freitag 11.11.11; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Stalnaker: “Assertion”. Referat von Leo Stadlmüller
Freitag 28.10.11; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Indicative conditionals, belief revision and the Ramsey test. Referat von Leo Stadlmüller
Freitag 14.10.11; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Reliabilism (Alvin Goldman). Referat von Sebastian Kletzl.
Freitag 7.10.11; 16-18:00 Diskussion: Two-Dimensional Semantics (David Chalmers, Scott Soames). Referat von Leo Stadlmüller

Sommersemester 2011

Freitag, 15.04.11; 17-19:00 Diskussion: John Turri – Epistemic Invariantism and Speech Act Contextualism.
Freitag, 08.04.11; 17-19:00 Diskussion: Keith DeRose – Assertion, Knoweldege, and Context.
Freitag, 01.04.11; 17-19:00Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: Keith DeRose – Assertion, Knoweldege, and Context.
Freitag, 25.03.11; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Leo Stadlmüller: Deflationismus und Konservativität.
Freitag, 18.03.11; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Leo Stadlmüller: Formale Wahrheitstheorien (Einführung) II: Inkonsistente Anforderungen, Fixpunkte, Asymmetrie von innerer und äußerer Logik.
Freitag, 11.03.11; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Leo Stadlmüller: Formale Wahrheitstheorien (Einführung) I: Was können/sollen formale Wahrheitstheorien leisten?

Wintersemester 2010/11

Freitag, 28.01.11; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Sebastian Kletzl: “Beyond Realism and Anti-Realism”
Freitag, 21.01.11; 17-19:00 Vortrag Dr. Eckehart Köhler: Gödel and Carnap: “Platonism vs. Conventionalism”
Freitag, 14.01.11; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Lukas Schwengerer: Die Benennung theoretischer Entitäten”
Freitag, 17.12.10; 17-19:00 Referat und Diskussion: Robert Frühstückl und Sebastian Kletzl: “Wer ist hier der Realist? (Kripke, Putnam, Rorty)”
Freitag, 10.12.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion von: Stewart Shapiro: “Proof and Truth: Through Thick and Thin” und “The Guru, the Logician, and the Deflationist: Truth and Logical Consequence”
Freigag, 03.12.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion von: Dorit Bar-On and Keith Simmons: “Deflationism” und Hartry Field: “Deflationist Views of Meaning and Content”
Freitag, 19.11.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion: Peregrin: “Inferentialism and the Compositionality of Meaning”; “Inferentialism and Normativity”; “Semantics as based on Inference”
Freitag, 12.11.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion: Brandom: “Substitution: What Are Singular terms, and Why Are There Any.” In: Making it Explicit.
Freitag, 05.11.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion: Dummett: “The Reference of Incomplete Expressions.” In: Frege, Philosophy of Language.
Freitag, 29.10.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion: Hrachovec: “Ganze Sätze. Davidson über Prädikation”, Pfisterer: “Gedanken beleuchten. Frege und Davidson zum Problem der Prädikation”
Freitag 22.10.10; 17-19:00 Diskussion: Picardi, Eva: “Davidson and Frege on Predication”.
Freitag, 15.10.10; 17-19:00 – Referat von Günther Eder über IF – Logic + Diskussion von: Jaakko Hintikka: “The Principles of Mathematics Revisited.”
Freitag, 08.10.10; 17-19:00 – Diskussion von:
– Jaakko Hintikka: “On the development of the model-theoretic viewpoint in logical theory”. Synthese, Volume 77, Number 1, 1-36, 1988
– Warren D. Goldfarb. Logic in the Twenties: The Nature of the Quantifier. Journal of Symbolic Logic 44 (3):351-368, 1979
– Jean van Heijenoort: “Logic as calculus and logic as language”. Synthese,
Volume 17, Number 1, 324-330, 1967

Sommer 2010

Freitag, 24.9.10; 17-19:00 – Truth and Predication IV: A Solution
Freitag, 17.9.10; 17-19:00 – Truth and Predication III: Truth and Predication
Freitag, 3.9.10; 17-19:00 – Truth and Predication II: Failed Attempts
Freitag, 27.10.10; 17-19:00 – Diskussion von Donald Davidson: Truth and Predication: The Problem of Predication

Sommersemester 2010

Freitag, 25.6.10; 17-19:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Richard Dawid: “Miraculous Theory”
Freitag, 18.6.10; 17-19:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Stefan Riegelnik: “Indexicals und Kontextualismus”
Freitag, 11.6.10; 17-19:00 – “Stroud II: Davidson: Laws and Cause”
Freitag, 04.6.10; 17-19:00 – “Stroud I: Hume on Causality”. Diskussion von Kapitel 3 und 4 des Buches: B. Stroud: “Hume”.
Freitag, 28.5.10; 17-19:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Josef Mitterer: “Der philosophische Nordpol”
Freitag, 21.5.10; 17-19:00 – Referat und Diskussion: R. Brandom und “Singular Terms”
Freitag, 14.5.10; 17-19:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Peter Keicher
Freitag, 07.5.10; 17-19:00 – Diskussion der Kirchberg Vorträge
Freitag, 30.4.10; 17-19:00 – Referat und Diskussion: R. Brandom und “Semantic Inferentialism”
Freitag, 16.4.10; 17-19:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Karl Sigmund: “Spieltheorie, öffentliche Güter und formale Ethik”
Freitag, 09.4.10; 17-19:00 – Einleitendes Referat von Maximilian Wielaender über Kripke mit anschließender Diskussion. Textgrundlage: Saul Kripke: Outline of a Theory of Truth
Freitag, 26.3.10; 17-19:00 – Vortrag von Frederik Gierlinger: “Die formale Definition des Wahrheitsbegriffs bei Alfred Tarski”. Eine Begleitlektüre zum Vortrag findet sich unter “Texte”.
Freitag, 19.3.10; 17-19:00 – Einleitendes Referat von Robert Frühstückl über Evans mit anschließender Diskussion. Textgrundlage: G. Evans: The Causal Theory of Names.
Freitag, 12.03.10; 17-19:00 – Einleitendes Referat von Robert Frühstückl über Kripke mit anschließender Diskussion. Textgrundlage: Saul Kripke: Identity and Necessity; ergänzend: Quine: Reference and Modality.

Wintersemester 2009/2010

Freitag, 19.02.10; 17-19:00 – Text von Davidson (Truth and Meaning)
Freitag, 05.02.10; 14-16:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Friedrich Stadler über Leben und Werk von Arne Naess
Freitag, 15.01.10; 15-17:00 – Fortsetzung Davidson (True to the Facts und A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs)
Freitag, 08.01.10; 15-17:00 – Texte von Davidson (True to the Facts und A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs)
Freitag, 18.12.09; 17-19:00 – Text von Davidson (On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme)
Freitag, 04.12.09; 16-18:00 – Vortrag von Dr. Martin Kusch: “Testimony and the Value of Knowledge”
Freitag, 27.11.09; 17-19:00 – Text von Martin Kusch (Testimony and the Value of Knowledge).
Freitag, 06.11.09; 15-17:00 – Texte von Carnap (Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology) und Quine (Semantic ascent)