Christmas Party 2021

Since we don’t want to deny ourselves the fun of our annual Christmas Party, this year it will be held via Zoom!
We will also play Power Point Karaoke! It’s a fun game where people can send in funny “philosophical” presentations beforehand and are then randomly assigned a presentation they haven’t seen before. They will then have to bullshit their way though it! All-time fan favourites were “The metaphysical status of sandwiches: Are hotgdogs sandwiches?” and “The greatest philosopher alive: The philosophy of Britney Spears”. The topic can cover anything and everything – who knows, we might even find out that the Forum is secretly ruled by lizard people. To take part in Power Point Karaoke, please send a funny presentation to The more, the merrier!

The current plan is: 
18:30 Meet and greet in Zoom
19:00 Power Point Karaoke

What: Online Christmas Party!
When: Tuesday, 21.12.21 18:30
Where: Zoom – (the usual link for sessions; it will also be sent out via email)

Please organize your own drinks, be it eggnog, hot wine, hot dog water, or whatever. Also, we would be very happy to see some festive decoration, funny hats, (ugly) christmas sweaters, and a merry mood. Everyone is welcome to join any time!