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Graduate Conference on Problems facing Metaphysical Modality and its Epistemology

June 3rd-5th 2020 at the University of Vienna

Hosted by the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy


  • Ruth Byrne (Trinity College Dublin)
  • John Divers (University of Leeds)
  • Tuomas Tahko (University of Bristol)

There are few topics as central to contemporary Analytic Philosophy as that of Metaphysical Modality. Philosophers have known, at least since Lewis though probably longer, just how powerful the tools of Modality are to almost every aspect of philosophical enquiry. As a result of this, modal notions have become ubiquitous in modern Analytic Philosophy. But Metaphysical Modality is not without its problems. Epistemic, Metaphysical, Conceptual and Formal objections abound the Philosophy of Modality. If and how these problems can be met is productive and open research question and the topic of this year’s Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy (WFAP) Graduate Conference.

We invite papers from graduate students on the following or related topics:

  • The Epistemology of Modality. In particular:
    • Knowledge of Counterfactuals
    • Modal Scepticism
    • Imagination/conceivability and Modality
    • The A Priority or A Posteriority of Modal knowledge
  • Topics in the Metaphysics of Modality. In particular:
    • Essentialism
    • Possible Worlds Realism
  • Formal and conceptual problems facing Modality. In particular:
    • Philosophical perspectives on the Logic of Metaphysical Modality
    • The conceptual and linguistic nature of Modality

Submission Information

We encourage submissions for women and underrepresented groups in Philosophy.

Submission deadline: April, 22nd 2020
Notification of acceptance: Mid April 2020
Submission to: paul.tucek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Submissions should be at most 500 words in length (excluding references) and suitable for a 30 minute presentation. The abstract should be anonymised and suitable for refereeing by members of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy and members of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna. Some preference will be given to work that directly interacts with the work of our Keynotes. Submissions should also be accompanied by a separate detachable cover sheet including name, title, institution and contact details. Submissions should be in .pdf format. Please include the phrase WFAP GradConf 2020 in the subject line of the email.