logic rulez 2023


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June 24th
Venue: Seminarraum 3, Campus of the University of Vienna

10:30—11:00  Opening

11:00—11:45 Aadil Kurji (Bristol)
Logical Nihilism and Logical Normativity

11:45—13:30 Lunch Break

13:30—14:15 Antonina Jamrozik (University of Warsaw)
Accommodating presuppositions in erotetic theory of reasoning

14:30—15:15 Richard Lohse (University of Konstanz)
On Richard Pettigrew’s latest accuracy-first argument for Probabilism

15:30—16:15 Leonardo Ceragioli (University of Pisa)
Normativity of logic and change of subject

16:15—17:00  Longer Break

17:00—18:30 Keynote: Jack Woods (University of Leeds)
Generic Validity

Around 19:30 Dinner

June 25th
Venue: Seminarraum 3, Campus of the University of Vienna

10:00—10:45 Nader Shoaibi (University of Illinois, Chicago)
Logic and the Aim of Belief

11:00—11:45 Shigaku Nogami (University of Tokyo)
Epistemic Closures and the Normativity of Logic

11:45—13:30  Lunch Break

13:30—14:15 Aleksandra Gomułczak 
(Adam MickiewiczUniversity, Poznań)
Normativity of logic in scientific reasoning and its relation to psychologism – the case of Husserl and Frege

14:30—15:15 Manish Oza (Toronto)
Holism and the limits of thought

15:30—16:30 Longer Break

16:30—18:00 Keynote: Corine Besson (University of Sussex)
Logical Generality and the Possibility of Deductive Reasoning

June 26th
Dekanatsaal, Faculty of Theology, Main Building, University of Vienna 

10:00—10:45 Luis Rosa (University of Cologne)
How does logic constrain rational suspended judgment?

11:00—11:45 Davide Dalla Rosa (University of Padova)
Does constitutivity lead to normativity in Kant’s account of logical laws? Some remarks on Tolley’s account

11:45—13:00 Lunch

13:00—13:45 Reyhan Alhas
 (MCMP/LMU Munich)
Logic and the Role of Reasoning

14:00—15:30 Keynote: Florian Steinberger (Birkbeck College, University of London)
The sources of logic’s normativity