Marlene Valek, BA

Vice Chairman: Martin Niederl

Secretary: Anna-Maria Edlinger
Vice Secretary: Felix Danowski, BA MA

Treasurer: Urban Wieser, BA BA
Invoice Controller: Gareth Pearce, BA MA

Event-Manager: Urban Wieser, BA BA


(If you want to know how to become a member, see the bottom of the page)

  • Theo Anders, BA BSc
  • Sophia Arbeiter, BA
  • Magdalena Bauer
  • Katharina Bernhard, MA, MSc
  • Philipp Breitenberger
  • Michael Bruckner
  • Johannes Buber
  • Laura Dannerbauer
  • Felix Danowski, BA MA
  • Arnaud De Coster, BA MSc
  • Dr. Günther Eder
  • Anna-Maria Edlinger
  • Triinu Eesmaa, MA
  • MMag. Patricia Ene
  • Tom Fery, MA
  • Dr. Mag. Frederik Gierlinger
  • Johannes Gruber
  • Barbara Haas, BA
  • Lukas Heuberger
  • Marco Hebesberger
  • Peter Hochenauer
  • Leonie Holzner
  • Roman-Otto Jordan
  • Mag. Sebastian Kletzl
  • Patrick Johannes Klug, MA
  • Anne-Kathrin Koch, MA
  • Philipp Kremers
  • Victoria Lavorerio
  • Christoph Lernpaß
  • Gabriel Levc
  • Alexander Linsbichler
  • Mag. Dejan Makovec
  • Martin Niederl
  • Mag. Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum, BA
  • Karoline Paier, BA
  • Dr. Stefan Riegelnik
  • Lukas Schwengerer, MA
  • Mag. Mira Magdalena Sickinger
  • Katharina Sodoma, BA BA
  • Helene Sorgner, BA
  • Leo Stadlmüller, MA
  • Martin Strauss
  • Felix Theyen
  • Dr. Michael Toppel
  • Markus Tschögl, BA BA
  • Paul Tucek, BA
  • Marlene Valek, BA
  • Dr. Mag. David Wagner, BA
  • Maximilian Wieländer, BA
  • Urban Wieser, BA BA
  • Gabriel Winge
  • Dan Zeman, PhD
  • Lena Zimmermann

Former Chairs

Leo Stadlmüller 2009-2012
Sebastian Kletzl 2012-2015
Karoline Paier 2015-2018
Paul Tucek, 2018-2020


Everyone is welcome to join the Forum anytime! If you are not sure if it is for you, you can just come to a few sessions and decide if you want to become a member. The membership fee is 10€ for one year. If you already paid and want your name to be added to the list above, please write an email to

Why become a member?

To support the Forum of course! If you like our meetings and plan to attend regularely, we would appreciate it if you could pay the membership fee. This helps us to pay for occasional expenses such as technical equipment and advertisements in the form of posters. Otherwise, we’d have to rely on a coaster and a wet pencil.

For more information you can also contact us at

Bank Details:
Raiffeisen BLZ 32000
KtoNr: 11.043.064
IBAN: AT533200000011043064