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This year’s graduate conference of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy (WFAP) will concern itself with matters of democracy and rationality. How rational is democracy and how democratic is what rationality requires? Some argue that it is epistemically justified to accumulate preferences or beliefs democratically. Some argue that it is not, but that democracy is justifiable on moral or political grounds. Some doubt that it is rational to vote, others don’t, and yet others wonder what “democratic” means in the first place and which method of allocating preferences or judgments should be regarded as democratic rather than others.

We invite high-quality papers from graduate students on the following or related topics: epistemic and/or non-epistemic justification of democracy; democracy and expertise; the rationality or irrationality of voting; social choice and democracy; judgement aggregation; alternative voting methods; principles of democracy; reforming our democratic systems incl. reasons for why we should/shouldn’t do so; etc.

Submission information

Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 21st, 2018
Notification of acceptance: March 28th, 2018

Abstracts of approximately 500 words should be in English and prepared for blind review. The author’s name, affiliation, the title of the submitted paper, and e-mail address must be included in a separate document. Files can be submitted in PDF and should be sent to:

All abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy and faculty members of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna. Accepted papers should be suitable for a 30-min. presentation (approx. 3.000 words). It should be clear from your abstract which authors and debates your paper will address. Contributions relating to the work of the keynote speakers are particularly welcome.

If you have any questions regarding our conference, you can write either to or to