Wiener Forum für Analytische Philosophie

Recent Events

Workshop with David Chalmers (NYU)
June 18, 2018
Marietta-Blau-Saal, University of Vienna,
Webpage & ProgrammePoster.

Conference on Rationality and Democracy
7th WFAP Graduate Conference
June 07–08, 2018, Marietta-Blau-Saal, University of Vienna,
Webpage & Programme & Poster.

“Williamson on Abductive Philosophy”
Workshop on Philosophical Methodology
October 7, 2017, Marietta-Blau-Saal, University of Vienna

Mission statement

The Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy aims to support professional work in analytic philosophy. It is based at the University of Vienna and was founded in 2009. Our principle objective is to intensify research, exchange and discussion among students and scholars. For this purpose we organize regular meetings, lectures, workshops and conferences and foster national and international contact with individuals and groups interested in analytic philosophy. The Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy provides a platform for work committed to an analytical approach in areas including philosophy of language and logic, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology and philosophy of mind.